About Investors Network Community (INC)
Katy Fleming, Director

What is INC?

INC is designed for real estate investors dedicated to enhancing productivity and achieving personal and financial success through a Mastermind Community.    It links you with essential people and resource in a community solely focused on your success.

INC believes:
 - the people you associate with determine your destiny  
-  personal and business self-examination are inter-twined;  both are crucial to fulfill your life's purpose
-  practices, and systems you put into place are essential to attaining your goals  
- investing with integrity, and creating win-win situations for both buyers and sellers are core to personal success and the well-being of our communities, nation and world.

INC was formed in 2011 and conducted "facilitated networking" meetings in person until 2020 when it began meeting online due to COVID.  In August, 2020, it's Co-Directors agreed to create a new model that would expand services to investors while supporting one another's growth as leaders in the real estate investment community.

Katy Fleming, who originally formed INC as a Meetup group in 2011, followed her passion and decades of experience in facilitating goal attainment, and changed the group's mission to one of providing small mastermind investment groups in addition to providing related webinars, summits and discussions.  

INC's webinars, summits, and meetup meetings include topics related to achieving investment goals and supporting investors in growing their businesses.   Katy also likes to think outside the box, is chief trouble-maker and change agent in her role as facilitator and investor.  

INC and Katy Fleming also network with and educate investors across the U.S. and the world through:

https://linktr.ee/katyfleming (all links on one page, including my properties)

INC's former Co-Director, Jim Edenfield now leads a monthly meeting for his new group, Realty Investors Group (RIG).  

Statement of INC's purpose is to:

- build a safe and inclusive environment for a diversity of investors to pursue their dreams
- challenge investors to be abundant in all aspects of their lives through self-exploration and evidence-based approaches
- create a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to investing with integrity
- contribute to the improvement of communities and those who live there
- create synergy and cooperation among members
- provide solutions for members’ specific challenges
- brainstorm new ideas & topics to enhance personal and professional development
- build friendship and camaraderie
- create win-win situations for all involved

We truly believe the people you associate with determine your destiny. And the self-examination, practices, and systems you put into place assure you fulfill that destiny. We also strongly believe in investing with integrity, and in creating win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.

Membership: There is no fee to join Investors Network Community.  INC offers both free and paid masterminds, webinars, workshops, and other events.  Programs are available through our website: InvestorsNetworkCommunity.com

Investors Network Community (INC) Vision

Investors Network Community (INC) fosters investor success by providing a Mastermind Program for brainstorming,  offering a sounding board, resource-sharing, providing accountability, and building collaborative relationships within a community committed to equity and inclusion.

INC’s Mission

Conduct small (5-7 members), intentional, and consistent mastermind groups where members clarify their purpose, vision and goals, create a targeted plan,  improve productivity, share expertise, explore personal beliefs and habits to create an abundance mindset, exchange resources, brainstorm challenges, remain accountable and on-track, build relationships and receive collegial support for personal and financial success.

INC also holds free both free and fee-based workshops, webinars, summits, and meetup meetings on real estate related topics, growing investors' businesses, and discussions on issues of equity, inclusion, racism, and other housing-related issues. 

    For questions, contact me!   I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.  
    Happy Investing,    

    Katy Fleming, Director