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What's all the Fuss About Masterminds?

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Results to expect when you join your own  "Board of Directors"  
Join an intimate team of colleagues where you learn ideas, access resources,  and get the support you need to make better investment and life decisions.

What if there was a process, that once you participated in it, would give you a sense of security and clarity about your real estate investment decisions and know they are aligned with all areas of your life?  

What if that process empowered you to reach and exceed your financial and personal goals more quickly?  
And what if that group included colleagues who are going through many of the same challenges so that you thoroughly understand one another's needs, encourage you, and hold you accountable until you succeed ?  
There is!  It's called a Mastermind.  

1. Become a confident investor with enthusiasm for your strategies and investment decisions when your team gives you insight and feedback and shares their own valuable strategies.  

2. Gain clarity and become empowered when you talk through your challenges with colleagues, and are exposed to new ideas and resources for conducting and organizing your real estate investment business.    

3. Become productive, focused and get back on track  through a targeted plan and an accountability team that holds your feet to the fire (in a good way).  A team who provides fresh ideas and perspectives, and a sounding board when needed.  

4. Form lasting friendships and professional connections through the tight bonds formed, new doors opened, and potential partnerships created.  

5. Strengthen your financial security and sense of control when you discover new ways to fill your property funnel and access sources of money to fund deals.  

6. Incorporate your business into your whole life for physical, mental,  emotional and financial health through simple tools that help you stay balanced.

INC's Mastermind Program uses a time-honored and effective approach

Rather than large meetings where the people change from month to month, these meetings will have the same 5-7 members who:

  • build trusting, collaborative and productive relationships
  • brainstorm ideas
  • provide a community of support to help you clarify your goals and plans (and tweak as needed)
  • provide resources and connections
  • serve as a vital accountability mechanism to assure your financial and life success

But it won't cost anything near the thousands the guru's charge.  This is affordable to everyone, yet just as valuable.  We will use the same formats and techniques used in the higher priced groups, but at a fraction of the price.

Collegial problem-solving

encourages higher-level thinking and builds strong & productive relationships.

Interactive brainstorming

activates our prior knowledge, causing one person's idea to trigger former knowledge.

Small group focus

improves the quality of decisions.

Discussing specific goals and questions

involving reflection and exploration, results in 90% retention of materials.

Why Katy Fleming as Your Mastermind Leader?

Through mastermind communities and educational events, I will assist you along with your small community of fellow real estate investors in identifying and accomplishing your goals (and have your back so you stay on track).  You'll discover the financial freedom and life you desire through the time-honored and evidence-based approach of masterminds.  
I founded Investors Network Community (INC) in 2011, a real estate investing group utilizing a "facilitated networking" approach to build a productive community of support.  

 After witnessing many investors network in our meetings, but never really putting their new-found knowledge and contacts to use, I changed the group's model to a more individualized and small group mastermind format.    INC brings four - seven individuals together in regularly scheduled meetings to focus on accomplishing investment goals through brainstorming, support, collaboration and accountability.
I am passionate about this approach.  I have personally discovered the impact of participating in real estate and business masterminds to fast forward my own goals and dreams and wouldn't even consider giving up participation in my mastermind.

My love for improving properties began at age five when I was glued to my dad's side, convinced of my indispensable role in the remodeling process.  Besides teaching me how to use tools, he taught me the importance of committing to quality work and the valuable lesson that girls could be and do anything they desire.
I discovered my love for real estate investing in 1995 when I bought my first property, refinanced, converted my first property into a rental and repeated the process.  I also wholesaled, flipped, then purchased long-term rentals in my home state of Ohio which I still hold today.

I am committed to investing with honesty and integrity and believe in the importance of developing a community of support who is committed to the same.  I have experienced my share of challenges and successes and understand firsthand the importance of having a guiding vision, clarifying goals, and establishing a plan.  But most importantly, participating in a community of support is vital in order to get past challenges and experience success.  It's difficult to remain accountable if we don't have another person or group to remain accountable with!  

For the past forty years, I have led large and small groups from five to over one hundred members in education, non-profits and the investment arena in accomplishing goals.  My group leadership, education and community engagement incorporates effective, evidence-based methods using adult brain-based learning.  My professional career has included University of Colorado Instructor, CU Sexual Health Program Director, HIV/AIDS non-profit Education Director, Curriculum Developer and Trainer/Facilitator, CO Department of Education Consultant, and Special Education Teacher.  As an investor, investment association leader and professional development trainer, I love helping real estate investors and others realize the life of their dreams.

In my spare time, I still enjoy home improvement projects and even use some of my dad's old tools.  I love exploring Colorado's trails, preparing creative vegan dishes, working out with weights, and spending quality time with loved ones.  Connect with me at  Hope to see you soon!

INC Mastermind Groups, Webinars, Workshops & More!

Mastermind Team of 5-7 Members

Schedule a call to see if INC's  Real Estate Investors   Mastermind Program is a good fit for you.  You will be hand held as you develop an investment plan that works for you.   Identify and reach your goals through an intentional, small and supportive group of investor colleagues.

Your mastermind group will meet online, in the comfort of your own space with occasional in-person meetings at the group's request if all members are local.

Webinars  & Summits

Free informational webinars  and Summits with experienced investors and content area experts and free, ongoing online meetings where you can participate or just listen in: InvestorsNetworkCommunity

Ongoing Educational Workshops 
Low cost but high value virtual and in-person events that support investors' business and personal growth and success.  

Most events are workshops where attendees walk away with tools they will use and re-use for years to come.  Examples include:

- 2 Day Goal-setting and Action Planning Retreat
-Creating a Success Mindset
- Take Necessary Steps to be a Successful Entrepreneur
- Create Your Business Plan: an Essential Tool for Financing and Partnering
- Tools to Conquer Overwhelm
- Scale Your Business by Outsourcing


 Private facebook group for current and alumni Mastermind Members to continue sharing ideas and resources  even after the program ends

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