Free, Quick Monday Morning Motivator

A quick routine to create a week so bright, you'll have to wear shades

This video is a sample of our regular Monday Morning Motivator sessions.  However, most of our sessions are only about 8-9 minutes long.  Just enough to kickstart our weeks while enjoying your morning cuppa.

- What routines do you have in place to create a productive week?
- What goal are you working on towards accomplishing your dreams?  
- What actions will you commit to this week toward that goal?  
- What tools do you use to help you get there?  

Less than 10% of people have a ritual to mentally create their week, yet research tells us that those who consistently engage in certain habits are more successful in business and happier in life.  Surprisingly, those rituals can be incredibly short.  And the more consistently you do them, the more efficient you'll become.  

Making a commitment to yourself at the beginning of the week to accomplish specific actions is powerful.  Committing to just three actions combined with using time-honored practices increases your productivity and helps you gain clarity. No more mucking around then asking yourself at the end of the week what you accomplished.  

Join me every Monday for a recorded session to jumpstart your week with clarity and focus.  Because sessions are recorded, you can stop at any point of the session to take more time with the practice.

Each week will introduce a different concept and practice used by thought leaders in personal development and goal attainment.  You can also find associated blog articles for each topic presented.

We will end each session with a consistent set of steps that contribute to your success.   You will be amazed at the impact on your life when you get into a regular routine of practicing success habits.  

Be sure to RSVP to access your Zoom link!  It will be the same link every Monday.  

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Katy Fleming

I discovered my love for investing in real estate over twenty-five years ago when I bought my first property.  I have wholesaled, flipped and now primarily hold rentals, mostly in Columbus, Ohio.  

My investment background, investment association leader and professional development training experiences provide a foundation with which to help real estate investors and others realize the life of your dreams.

As Director of Investors Network Community since 2011, I lead mastermind groups of 4-7 members who are serious about actively accomplishing their real estate investment and financial goals through a committed group of support.  Because I believe that work should be part of our lives instead of the other way around, my goal attainment workshops and masterminds also include personal goals around health, relationships, family - whatever priorities each member wants to address.

I have led large and small groups from five to over one hundred members in higher education, non-profits and the investment arena in accomplishing goals and dreams for over thirty years.  I'm a firm believer in facilitating groups and events in a way that actively involves participants.  "Sit and get" and listening to speakers doesn't cut it when it comes to putting your plan into action.   Incorporating accountability and a strong community of support is integral to my approach.

I have experienced my share of challenges and successes and understand firsthand the importance of having a guiding vision, clarifying goals, establishing a plan, and participating in a support community to get past challenges in order to experience success.  I am always honored and thrilled to be a part of investors and others' journeys to live the life of your dreams.

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