The Personal Story Guide for Investors

This personal story guide will help investors gain self-knowledge and craft a story that is an often forgotten element in investment and life success.

In the world of real estate investment, where numbers, strategies, and market trends typically grab the spotlight, we often find ourselves immersed in financial metrics and the growth potential of our portfolios. Without a question, those factors are absolutely necessary for good decision-making. There’s another rarely talked about gem that could also support your success journey – your personal story.

Reflecting on your life helps you hone in to your core values and aspirations. Having that inner knowledge is key in choosing areas of investments as well as who you want to work with. When you have a good grasp on your story, it helps you connect with people in a genuine way whether in networking, seeking services, or partnering.

Reflecting on your life is also valuable in reminding yourself what other areas of life you want to hold as a priority so you can remain balanced and fulfilled. Who knows, you may just have a book on your hands!

The following guide should help you get started. There’s a lot here, so just start with something. Keep the document handy, and let the rest come as you are inspired.

My Key Life Events

Birth and Early Childhood:
Provide a brief overview of your birthplace, family, and any significant events from your early years that have shaped you.

Discuss your educational journey, including your schooling, college, and any specific experiences or achievements that were pivotal.

Highlight key milestones in your career, including job changes, promotions, or entrepreneurial ventures.

Personal Relationships:
Mention important relationships in your life, such as family, friends, or mentors, and how they have influenced you.

Travel and Adventures:
Describe any memorable travel experiences or adventures that have left a lasting impact.

My Values and Beliefs

Core Values:

List and elaborate on your core values and principles that guide your decisions and actions.

Belief Systems:
Explain your belief system, including any spiritual or philosophical beliefs that are central to your life.

Ethical Stance:
Discuss your ethical stance on various topics, such as social justice, environmental sustainability, or other causes you're passionate about.

For help in figuring out the values that matter to you, check out our blog, Building Success with Integrity: The Importance of Values Alignment for Real Estate Investors

My Challenges and Triumphs

Describe significant challenges, obstacles, or setbacks you've faced in life and how you overcame them.

Highlight your proudest achievements, both personal and professional, and the lessons you've learned from them.

My Inspirations
Role Models:
Name individuals or figures who inspire you and explain why they hold such importance in your life.

Books, Movies and Art:
hare your favorite books, movies, or works of art that have deeply influenced your thinking.

Life Lessons:
Discuss valuable lessons you've learned from various experiences or encounters.

My Vision for the Future 

Personal and Professional Goals:
Outline your short-term and long-term personal and professional goals, including any aspirations or dreams you hope to achieve.

Reflect on the legacy you want to leave behind and the impact you hope to make in the world.

Want to know more about the power of visualization?  Read the blog entitled, Is Visualizing a Bogus Practice? Check the Science 

My Personal Anecdotes
Humorous Stories:
Share humorous anecdotes or stories from your life that reveal your sense of humor or wit.

Life-changing Moments:
Narrate specific moments or events that have profoundly shaped your perspective.

Turning Points:
Describe pivotal moments when you made significant decisions or choices that altered the course of your life.

This personal guide is meant to be a work in progress so that you can add new insights as they come to you. Increasing your self-knowledge will help you navigate the world of real estate investment with clarity and authenticity. It’s not just about the investments; it’s about the person behind the investments.

Write Your Success Story with Your Personal Board of Directors

The Investors Network Community (INC) Mastermind Program is a great community of investors who can help you apply your personal story in a way that supports your success. Each group of 5-7 members meets consistently to support one another’s dreams and plans, brainstorm new ideas, share resources and most importantly, provide accountability so you stay on track. Being a member of this tight-knit group is a great way to make good investment decisions and continue to grow as an investor. The brain sparks fly when you have a “third mind” (Mastermind) that forms when everyone comes together to explore ideas.

If you would like to learn more about the INC Mastermind Program, feel free to contact Katy who can answer your questions so you can see if it's a good fit for you.

A Mastermind group is one of the most valuable additions for your toolbox to help you achieve the life of your dreams.

Katy Fleming, Director can be reached by email at

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