What is a Mastermind?

Mastermind Groups have been around since time immemorial, even if called by different names (Women's Village Circles, Knights of the Round Table and so many more).  They can be found worldwide in communities of all sorts where people come together to brainstorm with peers to solve problems, generate creative ideas to address challenges, and design action plans that can be used to hold themselves and one another accountable on the path to reaching the life they desire. 

Watch this short video to find out more about what an Investors Network Community (INC) Mastermind
is all about!

Results to expect when you join your own "Board of Directors" 

1. Gain confidence and enthusiasm for your strategies by creating, specific and clear goals that are designed for your business.

2. Finally achieve the personal and business outcomes you've been desiring by replacing old habits, practices and patterns of behavior that kept you stuck with effective ones.

3. Become productive, focused and on track through a targeted plan broken into small and manageable steps.

4. Take intentional and well-informed action that work both in "Covid times" and beyond through implementing quick as well as long-term ideas from other members.

5. Incorporate your business into your whole life for physical, mental,  emotional and financial health through simple tools that help you stay balanced.

Become part of a strong, intimate and confidential team that will:

  1. support your ongoing success through keeping you inspired and accountable
  2. share expertise they have developed over years of investing
  3. provide resources and connections that will open doors for you and your business
  4. share fresh ideas and perspective and brainstorm solutions to your challenge
  5. give you opportunities to talk through challenges so you are better able to answer your own questions
  6. bring potential opportunities for partnerships or links to other partnerships

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INC Mastermind Program members can click the link below or the "Mastermind Members Only" link in the header of this page to access your:

1. Mastermind Program Manual with guiding exercises
2. Mastermind meeting schedule
3. Start-up Guidelines and  Agreement
4. Members-only Forum where you continue to get colleague  support, brainstorming and resources
5. Tools and Resources to support your goal achievement